Killingworth Lake

General Rules

i. All park rules must be adhered to at all times.
ii. All anglers must cease angling if requested to do so by a council official for safety reasons (blue/green algae etc).
iii. NO livebaiting and NO coarse dead baits are allowed.

1. Any member found infringing any of the following rules, or jeopardizing the fishing rights will be dealt with by the committee, and may face expulsion.
2. All anglers must hold a current rod licence(s) and observe all Environment Agency regulations. Anglers fishing more that 2 rods require 2 rod licences. Visual proof of licences is required when inspected by an appointed bailiff.
3. All members must be in possession of a current Year & Membership Card at all times when fishing. Anyone without may be ejected from the water.
4. Members must cause no damage, deposit no litter, nor light fires, and are expected to prevent such behaviour in others. Anyone found leaving litter, including cigarette ends, line, hooks, shot etc after leaving their peg may be banned from the alliance for life.
5. No Watercraft without the permission of the committee, with the exception of bait boats. Anglers are requested to keep the frequency of their bait boats at 2.4 Mega Hertz (2.4MHz) as not to interfere with the model boats.
6. No swimming will be allowed.
7. Anglers must not overcrowd their keepnets (which must be a minimum of 8ft / 450mm in length with a diameter of 18 inch / 450mm and must be made of a knotless material). Anglers must ensure the well being of their catch at all times. All current notices regarding net bans must be observed.
8. Inspection of nets and/or their contents by any member at any time is permissible upon the production of a membership or bailiff card, where a valid reason exists.
9. Members must adopt a responsible attitude to members of the public and other water users, and endeavour to avoid injury to anyone in anyway.
10. NO fish, NO aquatic plants NO other forms of pond life are to be introduced to, or removed from the water without the permission of the committee. The only exception is that any game fish must be removed. (See individual waters rules.)
11. All coarse fish must be returned unharmed to the water at the end of each fishing session. Any person member or non- member will be prosecuted under the theft act for removing fish without prior written consent from the committee.
12. No radios except personal stereos.
13. An adequate landing net made of a knotless material must be available and used whenever the size of a fish dictates its use, i.e. OVER 8oz. The swinging in of any fish over 8oz is to be avoided where practical. The minimum size landing net for carp / pike angling is to be 40 inch plus. Landing nets should be the first item of tackle set up and the last item taken down.
14. The use of an unhooking mat is mandatory whilst pike or carp fishing.
15. Members must keep within Alliance boundaries at "all times". Boundary map
16. All cars are to be parked in the car parks ONLY.
17. Any of the waters may be closed at any time when deemed necessary by the committee.
18. No blood worm or jokers.
19. No live fish are permitted as bait.
20. No cans are allowed at the waterside at all. (This includes food, drink or bait cans)
21. No barbed hooks other than Whisker, Ghost, Splinter or Micro barbs are permitted. No rigs should consist of more than one single hook unless Pike fishing, in which case a maximum of two treble hooks may be used.
22. A maximum of three fishing implements (rods, poles whips etc.) may be used within the confines of your own peg. (The confines of a peg are 1/2 way between yours and the peg to the left and to the right, also way across the water to the nearest peg opposite when occupied).
23. No Carp over 2 lb should be retained unless an acknowledged Carp friendly keepnet or Carp sack is used. (The committee recommend that NO Carp over 10 lb are retained at all).
24. At the end of any fishing session unused bait must not be discarded into the water.
25. Pike fishing is only permitted between the 1st of October and the 30th of April, these dates included. Wire traces, long forceps etc are to be used at all times. Coarse deadbaits including EEL are not allowed. It is strongly recommended that deadbait traces are fitted with SEMI BARBLESS trebles!
26. A minimum line strength of 12lb mono / 30lb braid shall be employed in all carp / pike angling.
27. No vehicular access.
28. No baited rods to be left unattended. Anglers with ALARMED rods must be within 15 yards/metres of their rods at all times.
29. No altering the bankside vegetation without the permission of the committee.
30. For safety reasons anglers are only allowed to cast a maximum of two thirds the width of the large lake.
31. Fly fishing and the practice of this, also sea angling practice casting is not allowed as it's not covered in the clubs insurance.
32. No altering the bankside / vegetation and weeding of the small lake without the permission of the committee.
33. These rules may be revised by the committee at any time.
34. Any club member, who on any club controlled waters, away trip or exchange ticket water, is found to be in possession of, and, or under the influence of alcohol, prohibited drugs or substances (e.g. solvents) will be expelled from the Alliance forthwith.
35. All anglers must dispose of all biological waste (human waste), bagged and removed from the water.
Please read all of the rules thoroughly as the saying "I did not know" will be no excuse.

Please note, the TAA membership does not entitle you to fish the waters belonging to clubs affiliated to the TAA. It only entitles you to fish controlled and managed by the TAA.

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