Killingworth Lake

Night Fishing Rules

These rules cover angling between dusk and dawn.
Killingworth lake is a day ticket water. The same respect for our fish stocks may not be given by an outsider. Please be observant and assist if anyone looks as if they are struggling to land, unhook or release fish.

All Club rules as Items 1 to 34 apply together with the following: -

i. All park rules must be adhered to at all times.
ii. NO livebaiting and NO coarse dead baits are allowed.

These will be strictly enforced.

1. All general club rules must be adhered to as well as rules listed below when night fishing.
2. No day ticket holders will be allowed to fish after dusk or before dawn.
3. As in the general rules there will be no fires allowed with the exception of petrol or gas cooking stoves.
4. No radios, stereos, phones, tablets or TVs to be used without personal earphones.
5. All anglers must be off the water one hour before any competitions of any kind starts.
6. No visitors to the bank sides between the hours of 11pm to 7am unless of necessity.
7. Noise must be kept to a minimum. Please adjust sounder volume so as not to cause undue annoyance to persons nearby.
8. Any rule breaking of any kind could result in the offending member being expelled from the Alliance.
9. If there is litter on the peg you are fishing "IT IS YOURS".
10. Pegs will be considered to be 15 yards apart giving each angler 7 1/2 yards either side to fish.
11. When night fishing, junior anglers must be accompanied by a senior member.
12. The maximum an angler may fish the lake is for a 48 hour period.
13. A maximum of TEN anglers per night to be allowed to fish. Angling only allowed on the SOUTH/GRASSY bank, under NO circumstances will night fishing be tolerated on the HOUSE/NORTH bank! Night fishing on the NORTH bank will result in the # offender being banned from the TAA for life!
14. All night fishing must be carried out under a strict booking system! All bookings to be made via ANDY McINTOSH on 0797 478 1451, text message is the preferred method giving name and club etc. Any cancellation should be noted ASAP.
15. All carp/pike angling at night should employ an adequate electric bite alarm.
16. Only appropriate angling shelters to be used! Strictly no TENTS! No guests allowed in angling shelter, unless it's a TAA member booked in for the night!
17. 17. Any angler found night fishing without a prior booking will be expelled from The Tyne Anglers Alliance.

Please read all of the rules thoroughly as the saying "I did not know" will be no excuse.

Please note, the TAA membership does not entitle you to fish the waters belonging to clubs affiliated to the TAA. It only entitles you to fish controlled and managed by the TAA.

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